Schloss Leopolskron (photo credit SJSU Salzburg Program)

The SJSU Salzburg Program is a partnership between San Jose State University and the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria. Each year the SJSU Salzburg Program selects a cohort of Salzburg Scholars (students) and a cohort of Salzburg Fellows (faculty, staff, and administrators) who demonstrate excellence, leadership, leverage, and commitment to globalizing SJSU.

The Scholars and Fellows travel to Salzburg and attend sessions of the Global Citizenship Program at Schloss Leopoldskron. In the fall, Scholars and Fellows return to SJSU as agents of change with a commitment to serve SJSU throughout the academic year.

The SJSU Salzburg Program is recognized as a “Top 10 Programs on Global Citizen Diplomacy” in American higher education by the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy, NAFSA, and the United States Department of State. 

Salzburg Scholars founded and have continued the SJSU Cultural Showcase as an annual tradition, in collaboration with Salzburg Fellows, and other students, faculty, staff, and administrators at SJSU.

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2014 SJSU Salzburg Scholar Cohort 

(photo credit Salzburg Global Seminar)

Left to right - back row: Dr. Cynthia Rostankowski (SJSU Salzburg Fellow), Jeramiah Dow, Hillary Schauf, Dr. Johen Fried (Salzburg Global Seminar Faculty); third row: Samina Patel, Rishi Bommu, Judith Durden, Gabriel, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jose Ramil Seneris, Jessica Massie; second row: Debby Ng, Joyce Suen, Inderpal Kaur, Sharanjit Johal; front row: Teklehaymanot Yilma and Matthew Diwata

(photo credit Salzburg Global Seminar)

Global Citizenship Program #63, "Global Citizenship & Human Rights,"
Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria, June 2014

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2013 SJSU Salzburg Scholar Cohort

(photo credit Salzburg Global Seminar)

Left to right- back row: Andy Dang, Joey Ruth, Jonathan Perez, Joseverino Listana; third row: Dr. Andy Wood (Salzburg Fellow), Dr. Cynthia Rostankowski (Salzburg Fellow), Mary Okin, Codi Mills, Megan Leckie, Carrisa Labriola; second row: Jenny Wood (wife of Andy Wood), Laura Hart, Jessy Goodman, Jessica Sandoval, Nichole Yang, Joy Franco, Skylar Lewandowski, Patience McHenry; front row: Erin Enguero and Sophia Gutierrez

(photo credit Salzburg Global Seminar)
 Global Citizenship Program #58, "Global Citizenship: At Home and in the World,"
Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria, May 2013

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