Tsujiki Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan (photo credit Global Studies Department)

Global Studies at San Jose State University is an interdisciplinary program that looks at the world holistically. The tremendous international migration of people, movement of goods, technology transfers, and mixing of cultures makes it important to study the world as a human community in ways we haven't considered in the past. Places are connected in all kinds of ways, and these connections change lives in distant places. Doctors trained in Cuba treat patients in sub-Saharan Africa. Toys made in Indonesia fill the shelves in WalMart stores in California. Soap operas made in Mexico are popular in the U.S. and those made in the U.S. are very popular in Japan. Health and education programs are contributing to lower infant mortality and increasing literacy in many poor nations. On the other hand, factories moving from one country to another seeking cheaper labor mean thousands of workers lose their jobs when factories move. Diseases travel around the world at startling speed while others are close to eradication for the first time. SJSU's Global Studies program brings together faculty that share an interest in these processes and problems. 

Not only do Global Studies majors study the world in the classroom, but they are required to travel abroad in order to receive a degree!

To learn more about the Global Studies major, please visit: Global Studies Homepage
To learn more about Geography major, please visit: Geography Homepage


The SJSU Cultural Showcase has partnered with the Global Studies and Geography departments to offer internship credit to any student working in a permanent volunteer staff position on a sliding scale of units based upon hours worked.

This new partnership has set a precedent for this project not only being a student-run event, but also having an academic component promoting service learning at SJSU.

The Chair of Global Studies and Geography is the incredible, Dr. Kathryn Davis (2011 Salzburg Fellow). Dr. Davis currently serves as the faculty advisor for the Salzburg Scholars Club and has given a tremendous amount of support for the SJSU Cultural Showcase Core Team staff, including the use of a seminar room where we hold weekly meetings!          
Two Cultural Showcase staff members are also senior officers in the Global Studies Union!

Amanda Vandenberg, our Creative Director, is the Global Studies Union President, and William Braganza, our Performer Manager, is the Vice President. Will is also the Vice President of Pride of the Pacific Islands, one of the 2015 Cultural Showcase performing groups!


The organic collaboration among the Global Studies and Geography departments, the Global Studies Union, the SJSU Salzburg Program, and specific Salzburg Fellows and Salzburg Scholars is a proven and effective way to globalize SJSU. The 2015 Cultural Showcase Core Team staff is proof that such collaboration leads to incredible productivity and creative energy!

To join the Global Studies Union, please visit their Facebook page here: Global Studies Union

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